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RN GlobalComm Inc. is a communication and network Service Providing Company registered in New York. We provide 

communication Network Engineering Services

RN GlobalComm Inc. has in-house expertise to design, build and supply telecommunication network switches for voice, data and video-conferencing. 

Telecommunciations Products RN GlobalComm can provide on customer demand telecommunication switches and related transmission equipment by obtaining products from vendors with the purpose of reselling or providing custom solutions with systems integration. 

Turnkey Project Services In developing countries of the world, there are large populated areas without adequate telecommunication infrastructure or have very poor tele-density.  RN GlobalComm intends to activately search for international communication projects financed by donor agencies such as the various organs of the UN and World Bank, in order to participate as contractor, sub-contractor and to provide logistics, products, support, training, knowledge transfer to the destination country administration.

RN GlobalComm has in-house expertise to design WAN and IP Networks for customers operatinig globally in order to connect their various offices.

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